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Improving Call Center & IVR Interactions

Avivah Litan, VP Distinguished Analyst of Gartner, discusses the growing importance of improved authentication in the contact center. Traditional contact center anti-fraud and authentication methods no longer stand up to the tactics leveraged by today’s fraudster. Call center and fraud teams have a mutual interest in protecting customers, their data, and the overall security and reputation of an organization. Avivah provides recommendations on the latest authentication best practices to prevent fraud, while also improving the customer experience and operating efficiencies.

Learn more about:

  • What are the key challenges of authenticating callers into the call center and IVR channels?
  • What are the most effective methods for securing the phone channel?
  • What are call centers most concerned about and how are their needs satisfied?


“Phone printing combined with voice biometrics provides the strongest method for detecting fraudsters who call into enterprises.”

-Avivah Litan, VP Distinguished Analyst,