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How Can Pindrop Integrate Into My Environment?


Video Transcript

We do have a native integration with Amazon Connect. We have a partnership with Verizon which allows us to get a copy of the signaling immediate of the call without any integration from the customer. That integration is directly with Verizon. But a very interesting one that we launched last year and we’ve had a ton of success with is an appliance which we put on the prim and it allows us to capture the call audio and send it up to the cloud with very minimal effort for the customer. Very light footprint, super-fast deployment. We had a customer that turned up recently. In 60 days, we were doing analysis on their phone calls, providing both fraud detection and authentication, passively, up to the Pindrop cloud, leveraging AWS, everything we just talked about, just with a simple appliance deployed on their prim. This gives them the flexibility to be able to migrate, say they want to move their IVR somewhere else, whatever have you, they want API calls from new locations, any of that, doesn’t matter.

And even ultimately, if they wanted to migrate to that native integration on Amazon Connect, simple. We can just turn a switch and move you over to the other integration. And the solution that I’m referring to is something we call tap to cloud. So it’s actually pretty ingenious. And our goals for the solution when we set out to build this thing is we wanted something super light footprint, super easy to deploy and something that checked all of the boxes for both the security team and the operations team or infrastructure team that would have to be in charge of this appliance within their ecosystem. The really fantastic thing about this product, it doesn’t require any remote access. So we’re able to push down any updates to the OS or to the application, which we have on there, from our support team has a UI and they just push these updates, which we verify, down to the appliance, automatically updates.

The customer doesn’t have to manage this thing from month to month. In addition to that, you mentioned something really important before. From the tap, so what we’re talking about is like a tap and aggregator or a span port that’s used to passively tap network packets and duplicate those into this appliance. That’s not a connection into your land. That’s just this monitor port. It’s a dumb feed that’s coming into this appliance. So even if a Pindrop employee or some bad actor was on this appliance, they can’t get anywhere over that port. We don’t need access into your environment. We don’t have APIs or database connections. None of that is connecting [inaudible 00:00:02:45], just an island sitting in your data center. The only reason it’s in your data center is to connect to that feed that’s giving us a duplication of your calls.

One of the things working here, I’ve been super impressed with, we have folks here, VUI designers, voice user interface designers, and they’re dedicated to your account to help you understand your flow, what your goals are for your institution, and how you can integrate the Pindrop products to make the best use of them.