Protecting the Public Sector Retirement Systems from Call Center Fraud

Call center fraud rates have increased 113% in 2016. This means on average, 1 in every 937 calls a call center are fraudulent. Multi-channel security plans often overlook the channel that has quickly become the nexus of fraud: the call center.

Call center agents in the public sector are particularly susceptible to fraudulent calls from criminals who impersonate legitimate constituents in attempt to steal valuable citizen and client data. Fraudsters leverage sophisticated social engineering tactics for data mining, along with account reconnaissance in the IVR through live agents, with the goal of taking over public retirement accounts, disability programs and pensions funds.

In this on-demand session we’ll share best practices to  protect your phone channel, beyond knowledge based authentication questions and voice biometrics along – to help you avoid future brand mistrust and risking the financial lifelines of your customers.

Learn how to:

  • Lower state operational costs with call authentication time savings
  • Improve the constituent experience
  • Protect the stat’s brand and reputation
  • Minimize the opportunity cost risk of a security breach
  • Stop public sector phone fraud with first call fraud detection
2019 Voice Intelligence Webinar Series – where voice, not touch is the main interface for customers.