Call Center Fraudsters Unmasked

Real-Life Fraudsters, The Real Costly Call Center Challenge

With a global increase in call center fraud of 113%, it is obvious the sophistication of fraudsters is evolving to surpass security measures and to fit the needs of a common end goal – financial gain. Pindrop® Labs analyzed 440 million calls in efforts to identify recurring techniques and fraudsters  that are wreaking havoc on the call center.

This ebook examines the techniques of real fraudsters, including social engineering, data dealing, and IVR mining, which are used to maneuver around authentication procedures to gain sensitive information.

Take a deeper dive into the minds of fraudsters with audio recordings taken from real fraud calls.

In a race of information vs. misinformation, what will deep fakes and data breaches look like? Register for our webinar to learn how to defend against these types of threats