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Pindrop® Protect: Contact Center Fraud Detection

Real-Time fraud protection from Pindrop® Protect providing an omni-channel view of fraud across the entire enterprise. 

Pindrop® Protect is a multifactor, real-time,  fraud prevention solution that analyzes calls into the contact center for voice, device, meta data, and behavior to find up to 80% of phone channel fraud, predict future fraud 60 days in advance, provide a complete cross-channel view of fraud, reduce costs and review rates, and harden the company against attacks. 

Reduce Contact Center Fraud Loss

  • Reduce 80% of Fraud Calls to the agent
  • Prevented $ 1.2 Billion in verified fraud loss since 2012

Intelligent Fraud Analysis

  • Built in deep case analysis
  • Predict which accounts are at risk 
  • Safeguard customer accounts 
  • Realtime account risk updates

Omni-Channel Risk Mitigation

  • Track account risk across multiple channels 
  • Predict which accounts are at risk based on graph analytics using the latest AI across multiple channels

Protect Brand & Reputation

  • Avoid Negative press 
  • Improve the customer call experience 
  • Improved Security Posture

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