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Case Study

CommunityAmerica Credit Union Case Study

Combined with Pindrop® Protect Fraud Loss Avoidance and Pindrop® Passport Authentication – CommunityAmerica Credit Union’s total benefit is a 4X return on investment (ROI) with the partnership with Pindrop.

CommunityAmerica is a beloved and trusted local credit union, that provides products and services to their extended Kansas City family. Their commitment to this family, to serve them, support them, and protect their finances has made CommunityAmerica an attractive and trusted institution for everyday people in Kansas City.

CommunityAmerica slashed average hold times by exchanging ineffective knowledge-based authentication software for Pindrop’s passive authentication & fraud detection technology. CommunityAmerica saw reductions in average hold time across 98% of its Pindrop registered calls, greatly reducing operations costs associated with the additional time that was once used for asking questions and extending members’ experiences unnecessarily.

Download the case study to see how CommunityAmerica Credit Union created a better caller experience and at the same time solved their fraud problems.