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Thursday, December 17 at 1:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM GMT

Our mission is to provide security, identity and trust on every voice interaction

We've Accumulated Resources to Help You Deal With Fraud

Fraud costs don’t start in your finance department. They start in your IVR, online, and occur inside and outside of your contact center. While you are aware of the media reported mega-breaches that plague companies and consumers both, have you considered your contact center’s place in the journey from data capture to fraudulent transaction and account takeover? Read more resources here.

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This webinar examines the ways in which Verizon and Pindrop are working together to create solutions that provide tremendous benefits to their customers. 

Join us for a look at the integration of Pindrop into the Verizon IPCC platform and how this allows for the rapid deployment of Pindrop’s technologies for Verizon’s contact center customers. In this webinar, we discuss how Pindrop and Verizon are committed to supporting customers as they adapt and change to account for current events. 

In this webinar we will discuss how our partnership can help you:

  • Scale and address issues in capacity during call spikes

  • Adapt to changes in operating structures and fraudster modus operandi

  • Minimize fraud costs while ensuring a frictionless customer experience 

  • Thoroughly protect customer data without negatively impacting call metrics


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Tony Lutz

Customer Experience Advisor


Webinar Speakers:

  • How to apply graph analysis for fraud detection, prevention, and prediction in contact centers

  • How to leverage voice channel security for cross-channel fraud detection 

  • How to provide additional fraud savings above and beyond what is detected by other fraud prevention systems in place.

Dave Albers

Solutions Engineer


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