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[Webinar] Fraud in the IVR: Discover, Monitor & Protect

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Thursday, August 6th, 1PM ET/ 6PM BST
Darren Baldwin, Sr. Account Executive
Shawn Hall, VP, Business Intelligence

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$4 Billion dollars of fraudulent activity is coming through the phone channel, making the phone channel the new vector of choice for professional fraudsters.  With recent increases in call volume this threat will only increase. Results from a recent Pindrop case study with a top 5 bank in the US supports these findings and future predictions.

Join our presenters as we look at the rise of fraud in the IVR, discuss why IVRs and contact centers are the new vector of choice and how to protect your IVR from leaking data.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why fraud happens in the IVR?
  • How Fraudsters are exploiting this channel?
  • What Pindrop is doing to support IVR monitoring
  • Pilot Results - Fraud rates & supporting metrics
  • Options to operationalize IVR fraud intelligence

Darren Baldwin
Sr. Account Executive @ Pindrop

Darren Baldwin is a Sr. Account Executive at Pindrop. Darren's experience spans over 20 years in risk analytics and solution execution helping enterprise customers secure their voice channel, eliminate phone fraud and reduce authentication operational costs and customer friction through innovative contact center technology.

Our mission is to provide security, identity and trust on every voice interaction

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Fraud costs don’t start in your finance department. They start in your IVR, online, and occur inside and outside of your contact center. While you are aware of the media reported mega-breaches that plague companies and consumers both, have you considered your contact center’s place in the journey from data capture to fraudulent transaction and account takeover? Read more resources here.

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Shawn Hall
VP, Business Intelligence @ Pindrop

Shawn Hall is the Vice President, Business Intelligence at Pindrop. Prior to working with Pindrop, Shawn was the Director of Global Fraud Operations at E*TRADE Clearing for 10 years and has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of financial services and retail operations, with the past 14 years dedicated to authentication, fraud and risk detection, prevention and mitigation at E*TRADE and Pindrop. Shawn has extensive experience related to the development, implementation and modeling of effective online, call center and transactional fraud applications and solutions. He is an active participant in the NCFTA, ACFE and RSA forum.