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Contact Center Insights: Crisis, Coping & Recovery

June 10, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST

The necessary and immediate global shift towards telecommuting across industries has impacted contact centers, deeply influenced consumer behavior, and introduced new forms and modus operandi of fraudulent activity.
This webinar will provide an expert-led walkthrough of five critical insights around consumer behavior, and provide an exclusive look at the data we collected from over 30 of the world’s largest contact centers during the first 60 days of the current global health crisis and actionable recommendations to keep you secured and ready for what comes next. 
-Explore analyzed data, first-hand observations, and actionable learnings to prepare you for what is next
-Learn the new modus operandi of professional fraudsters and how to address them 
-Uncover the new challenges facing call center and fraud teams as we move forward, to inform your security planning

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Shawn Hall, VP Global B.I.