Pindrop Intelligence Network

The world's largest and most accurate database of fraudulent phone numbers

Pindrop holds the world’s largest and most accurate database of fraudulent phone numbers. This database includes geographic locations, network providers, phone types, and fraud activity history. Enterprise call centers, fraud investigators, and incident response teams use this information to quickly evaluate a phone number’s reputation. Many enterprises use the intelligence network data as an pre-call layer of security, alerting call center agents to potentially fraudulent calls before the conversation begins.

Pindrop’s Intelligence Network gathers data from:

consumers-greenCONSUMERS: Pindrop collects and analyzes data from the FTC, consumer complaint sites, and social media to find phone scammers targeting the general public. Often these scammers are collecting person data that will later be used to impersonate legitimate customers in later attacks.


labs-greenRESEARCH DATA: Pindrop’s research team runs the world largest Phoneypot, which collects, records, and analyzes spam calls to unlisted numbers. The phoneypot detected calling patterns for unwanted callers, such as debt collectors and telemarketers, as well as telephony denial-of-service attacks. This provides researchers with new insights into telephony abuse and attack patterns.


enterprise-greenENTERPRISES: Pindrop allows enterprises call centers and anti-fraud teams to share data on known fraudsters. Pindrop solutions are constantly being updated with this shared data and research.


How the Pindrop Intelligence Network Works



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