Phone Reputation Service

The world’s largest and most accurate database of fraudulent phone numbers

The Definitive Source for Phone Fraud Number Lookup and Research

Pindrop Security’s Phone Reputation Service (PRS) is the world’s largest and most accurate database of fraudulent phone numbers. PRS assigns a unique risk score to every number and provides detailed information, including geography, phone type, and, if a fraud number, specific institutions targeted, attack frequency and other numbers used by the attacking entity. The PRS is accessed via an easy-to-use interface that displays a variety of fraud activities and trends, provides actionable intelligence on suspect numbers, and allows the creation of fraud alerts.

Phone Reputation Service™

  • Access to the largest, most comprehensive phone number database with geographic locations, network providers, phone types and any fraud activity history.
  • Aggregated intelligence from our phone honeypots (“phoneypots”), email spam traps and complaint collectors as well as intelligence from our customer base.
  • Configurable alerting on numbers that are currently targeting enterprises or their customers.

How Do Financial Institutions Use Phone Reputation Service™?

PRS is used by fraud investigation and incident response teams to quickly evaluate call provenance as part of their anti-fraud decision process. PRS allows financial institutions to proactively identify numbers that are targeting the enterprise or customers of the enterprise and to investigate a number or create a report based on a set of numbers.

How Does Pindrop Security Gather This information?

Pindrop Security collects data from a variety of sources and then creates a correlated phone number reputation score. Over 300,000 numbers associated with more than 40,000 phone fraud “fingerprints” are currently tracked.

  • Phone honeypots (phoneypots) collect fraud numbers from robo-dialers, automated calling systems and Pindrop Security researchers.
  • Email spam traps gather phone numbers used in fraud emails.
  • Complaint collectors aggregate data from hundreds of complaint sites, online communities and web forums on suspicious numbers.

Phone Reputation Service Product Components

Intelligence Network

Under the guidance of the Pindrop Security Research team, the intelligence network is actively identifying numbers that are participating in fraudulent activities and classifying this activity. This includes number identification and verification.

Policy Engine

The policy engine provides the capability to set rules and alerts based on a wide variety of criteria to assist in identifying and tracking numbers targeting particular institutions. In addition, you can create policies to trigger alerts on new and relevant fraudulent phone numbers.


PRS reporting allows users to view:

  • Fraud activity and indicators
  • Intelligence on individual offending numbers
  • Multi-number reporting, including the ability to import and analyze custom number lists
  • User, administrator, and organization specific configurations and access
  • Review support tickets and feature requests

Product Features

  • Web-based portal
  • Multi-number import and analysis
  • Standard and custom reports including:
    • Fraud analysis report
    • Number report
    • Policy report
  • Alerting via email and web services
  • IVR and CTI integration
  • Administrator and User management

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