Phone Fraud Solutions Overview

Phone Fraud detection and call center authentication solutions

Protect Your Contact Centers

Pindrop Security provides comprehensive solutions to protect financial services companies and their phone users from account takeover, social engineering and other attacks. Pindrop solutions protect your entire call system – inbound, outbound, live, recorded and in the IVR, customer-facing and employee-facing. With Pindrop, every single call receives a highly accurate, highly actionable risk score, catching over 80% of fraud calls within 30 seconds of the call starting.

  • Comprehensive Phone Channel Protection – High-confidence risk scoring for every caller based on location and call type
  • Prevent Fraud Transactions – Detect 80% + of inbound fraud calls on the first call well before approving and carrying out transactions
  • Actionable, Accurate Fraud Intelligence – High-confidence risk scores for all calls and built-in intelligence sharing across enterprises

Using Pindrop Security Solutions

Pindrop Security’s solutions are capable of monitoring and analyzing any phone number or phone call in your telecommunications environment. Pindrop solutions can be deployed to protect enterprises before, during and after the call, for both inbound and outbound calls and for live, recorded calls or IVR calls.

For calls to the call center, Pindrop’s Fraud Detection System (FDS) uses the breakthrough patent-pending Phoneprinting™ technology to analyze call audio. Phoneprinting identifies anomalies that indicate fraud, including Caller ID/ANI spoofing, call forwarding, and voice distortion. Phoneprinting also produces a unique Phoneprint for every call to identify repeat offenders. FDS also leverages voice biometric signatures to track known fraudsters and scores risk factors such as the ANI location, telco, and call velocity. The result is a highly-accurate risk score based on less than 20 seconds of audio.

When only a phone number is available, Pindrop’s Phone Reputation System (PRS) provides a solution. PRS provides real-time intelligence on phone number reputation and risk. PRS generates a call report for every number, which includes an overall risk score and supporting detail. PRS is a powerful tool for enterprises to reduce call spam and to vet new accounts.

How Do Enterprises use Pindrop Security?

Companies are under constant attack by fraudsters using the phone channel for social engineering attacks (30% increase in 2012). Attacks are made against call center representatives, IVR systems and customers through the phone and in combination with in-person and online channels.

Pindrop Security’s comprehensive solutions protect against attacks throughout your customer call environment:

    • IVR: Detect fraudsters as they attempt to manipulate accounts through automated systems.
    • LIVE IN THE CALL CENTER: Determine high-risk calls and reroute out of your call center.
    • CALL STORE: Analyze calls when they arrive in the call store.

Pindrop also detects fraud activity outside of the call center:

    • NEW ACCOUNTS: Detect fraud risk based on phone number reputation when an account is set up.
  • TRAFFIC PUMPING: Attackers can even make money by calling you and saying nothing. Stop them before the big phone bill arrives.
  • PHONE SPAM: Stop wasting time with automated calls in your IVR and contact center.

How Are Pindrop Security Solutions Deployed?

  • Portal – Access phone number history, background information and risk scores, analyze calls and track trends.
  • Appliance – Deploy in your network for high-volume, high-performance analysis of live and recorded calls.
  • Mobile – Protect users of mobile phones against fraudsters.

Learn more about our Phone Reputation Service (PRS), which provides risk scores based on phone numbers.

Learn more about our Fraud Detection System (FDS), which analyzes call audio to detect fraud and to provide call center authentication.

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