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Fraud detected and analyzed on the first call.

Catch fraudsters on the first call, without them saying a word.

When a phone call is first captured an audio fingerprint is created. This fingerprint of 140 unique attributes, along with device type (land line, VOIP, cellular) and geography helps us register the fraudulent call into our global system. Additionally, our database of previously analyzed phone numbers helps us recognize fraud before a phone call is answered. This service helps reduce costs for our Clients and reduces the level of effort required to quickly identify fraudulent calls.

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Catch repeat attempts and protect call centers.

Reduce risk and vulnerabilities across your network.

If a caller attempts to contact your call center again from another location or device type, we instantly recognize the caller’s audio fingerprint and compare to our database. If a caller should be calling from a land line in London and they are calling from Seattle via Skype we can quickly distinguish the caller’s fraudulent call. This service is automated with Pindrop Security and saves both research time and additional costs for our Clients.

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Mitigate high-frequency fraud attempts from around the globe.

With Pindrop Security’s Consortium and reputation management we can work together to detect large-scale fraud attempts across multiple networks.

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