This week in Phone Fraud news saw repeated coverage around cautionary phone scam stories across the US.

On Tuesday in Illinois, local ABC affiliate KSPR ran a story around one woman’s daily battle with phone fraudsters, claiming that she is contacted up to 6 times a day by unidentified men with a variety of backstories. Some callers tell her she’s won a prize, others offer her a job, and some are even bold enough to insist that she immediately turn on her computer because a virus is currently attacking it.

On Thursday, Florida based publication The News Press ran a story around how phone scams are like love bugs because they come in waves. Reporter Melanie Payne warned against a few top trending attacks, including an increase in utility company phone scams and the ever-popular Microsoft Customer support phone scam.

Full Breakdown of This Week’s Phone Fraud News

The News Press: Phone scams are like love bugs they come in waves – May 29, 2014

Hertfordshire Mercury: Hertford police phone scam taskforce arrest four men in North London – May 29, 2014

WWAY TV 3: Leland woman loses $2,700 in jury duty phone scam – May 28, 2014

Wetherby News: Bank scam warning after money stolen – May 28, 2014

ABC (Brisbane): Hanging up: how to put an end to prank and scam phone calls – May 27, 2014

KSPR ABC (Illinois): Woman overwhelmed by scam calls – May 27, 2014

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