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Contact Center Security Solutions Are Not Created Equal

Caller Authentication Alone Cannot Stop Fraud - Download The Guide To Understand Why

Do you understand the nuances in contact center security architecture, IVR security, or consumer request verification? There are nuances in contact center security that seriously impact their efficacy and efficiency - ultimately weakening or strengthening your voice security. Download the 2021 Contact Center Security Solutions Buying Guide and Checklist to learn how you find the perfect call center security solution for you.

Analysts predict businesses providing great cx during identity corroboration will earn 20% more revenue than comparable businesses with poor cx.

Call Center Trends in 2020 Show An Immediate Need For IVR Security & Improved Caller Authentication Software

A risk-based platform can reduce fraudster enrollment
success rate by over 600% compared to KBAs alone.

As we plan for what’s next, financial institutions have rightly started to ask: “Do I need to have a physical branch to do business?



Fraud detection is a probabilistic and holistic science, not a laundry list of factors that need to be satisfied.

Voice Biometrics Companies Are Not Created Equal

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$14 B

Contact centers in the US alone spent over $10.2B1 on caller authentication while suffering through $14B worth of fraud attempts.