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Webinar: Improve Your Customer Experience with Enhanced Authentication

Who Should Watch

Anyone in the financial services industry interested in financial crimes detection and prevention.


Fraudsters are getting smarter with rapidly evolving and innovative attacks on digital and call center transactions. In doing so they have helped to push the evolution of authentication capabilities. This highlights the need for better ways to distinguish real consumers from fraudsters. Initially, enhanced authentication was mainly considered a fraud prevention play, however, smart companies have now realized that enhanced authentication can enable a better customer experience, allowing for more self-service and a reduction in both transaction costs and processing times.

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Webinar Hosts

Russ Anderson, CFE

Fraud Program and Technology Manager, LIMRA, LOMA, and LL Global, Inc.

Russ is currently responsible for leading LL Global, Inc’s. Financial Crimes Services program and tasked with identifying, defining and building shared business solutions, to help the industry better combat fraud. Russ is a Certified Fraud Examiner with 30 years of industry experience working in and leading various auditing, compliance, finance, risk management and fraud prevention teams.


Sarosh Shahbuddin

Product Manager, Pindrop

Sarosh Shahbuddin is a Product Manager at Pindrop, focusing on securing voice-enabled devices and services. Sarosh has a strong background in Product Management, Marketing and Security. Sarosh earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech.