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Anti-fraud and Authentication Solutions for Enterprise Call Centers

Pindrop solutions combine authentication and anti-fraud detection technology to verify legitimate callers and detect malicious callers. Pindrop’s PhoneprintingTM and Risk Scoring technologies allow call centers to streamline authentication questions for low-risk callers, cutting up to 20 seconds off each low risk call. At the same time, high risk callers can be subject to greatly increased scrutiny, reducing fraud loss by 80%.

Resources for Call Centers

White Paper: Call Center Authentication

Pindrop_Icon_VoiceCall centers are increasingly under fire. New technologies, such as voice biometrics and phone printing, designed to authenticate callers, are being widely considered to address the problem. In this whitepaper, we discuss the issues enterprises are facing in deploying these technologies and how to ensure your solution is effective out of the box and robust as attackers respond and shift tactics.

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Webcast: Contact Centers – Fraud Central

Presenter: Shirley Inscoe, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

In this webcast, sponsored by Pindrop Security, Aite Group senior analyst Shirley Inscoe provides an overview of this emerging market and explores the key issues financial institution decision makers should consider when investigating solutions. Shirley looks at the current state of contact center fraud and then covers key technologies including voice biometrics, phone printing, and signal analysis and how they contrast and/or complement knowledge-based authentication.

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Case Study: Online Brokerage Saves $1.5 Million in Avoided Fraud Losses

Pindrop_Icon_HandProduct: Fraud Detection System

Call centers in many industries are forced to deal with social engineering attacks designed to gain access to accounts, money and other assets. Call centers in the U.S. spend over $10 Billion per year authenticating callers. For companies like this top 3 online brokerage, tactics like social engineering, caller ID/ANI spoofing, customer impersonations allow fraudsters to complete fraudulent stock trades as well as wire money to accounts that they control.

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