Case Study: Affiliate Marketing Company Reduces Unwanted Phone Traffic By 80% With PRS Success

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Studies show that US businesses spend over 20 million hours answering unwanted robocalls and spam phone calls every year. That’s nearly half a billion dollars of productivity wasted. For companies like this leading affiliate marketing company, having local phone numbers brought them a lot of unwanted telemarketing spam calls, thus frustrating shop owners and wasting time and money for their business.

Our solution was to give them access to Pindrop Security’s Phone Reputation Service (PRS), the world’s largest database of phone number reputations. Having the real-time reputation checking system built into their applications allowed them to block unwanted spam and telemarketing calls. The outcome was significantly decreased unwanted spam calls and increased customer satisfaction and retention. This case study takes a deeper look into all the problems facing the affiliate marketing company, the benefits PRS was able to provide, and how the solution reduced the unwanted calls.

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