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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

The cloud offers a lot of great functionality for contact centers, from slashing operational costs to reducing the burden on staff. However, despite its many benefits, many contact center companies are still wary of the cloud. Digital transformation can feel like a huge undertaking with all of the technology and operational changes companies must go through, and many companies are satisfied with their current infrastructure. 

The good news is that no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey — whether you’ve sworn off the cloud forever or you’re the cloud’s biggest evangelist — you can still use Pindrop’s technology to ensure protection against fraudsters. While Pindrop’s technology is based in the cloud, you don’t have to move your entire infrastructure over to the cloud to use it, or have even made the move to the cloud yet at all.

With Pindrop’s Tap to Cloud solution, a contact center can be completely on-prem and still leverage the benefits of Pindrop’s technology. Tap to Cloud is an on-prem appliance that securely connects the client’s on-prem application into the cloud for Pindrop’s systems to analyze, with very minimal effort to the contact center team. It can offer increased flexibility for contact centers no matter where they are in their digital transformation journey. Additionally, the appliance is not connected to LAN or other boxes, so you don’t have to sacrifice any amount of security just because it is on-prem.

Historically, any type of on-prem call center deployment or project is long, typically taking 6-9 months to complete. However, Tap to Cloud has a light footprint that allows us to implement it much more quickly. In fact, we recently had a customer deploy the solution who was able to have it up and running in just 60 days. With very little time and effort, any contact center can now utilize the power of Pindrop’s anti-fraud and authentication solutions.

If you are looking for a solution for your contact center to detect and prevent fraud but aren’t ready to make the move to the cloud, Pindrop’s Tap to Cloud solution can help. Our team will make things easy, working with you to determine your needs and goals, and implement our solution quickly and seamlessly. Contact us today to learn more.