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New Report Highlights Increasing Strength of DDoS Attacks

The number and intensity of DDoS attacks have sharply increased in the first quarter of 2017, according to a new report by Neustar. There have been more than twice as many DDoS attacks of more than 50 Gbps in the past year as compared to 2016, with 45 percent of attacks being more than 10 Gbps and 15 percent being at least […]

Hajime Malware Joins Mirai in Targeting IoT Devices

Mirai is no longer the only game in town when it comes to IoT malware. A new piece of malware known as Hajime is infecting some of the same kinds of embedded devices that Mirai has been targeting for several months. The malware has infected thousands of IoT devices in recent weeks and researchers say […]

Mirai Botnet Hammers College With Two-Day Attack

A newly discovered variant of the Mirai malware recently was used in a massive, sustained DDoS attack against a college in the United States, an attack that lasted more than two days. The Mirai malware has been involved in several of the larger DDoS attacks ever seen, including one that hit the Dyn DNS provider […]

Suspect Arrested in Mirai Attack on Deutsche Telekom Routers

Authorities in the U.K. have arrested a man suspected of being involved in the attack last year on routers belonging to Deutsche Telekom customers, an attack that was attributed to the Mirai botnet. On Wednesday, investigators from the British National Crime Agency arrested an unnamed 29-year-old man at an airport in London in connection with […]

New Leet Botnet Generating Huge DDoS Floods

A new botnet that is capable of some of the larger DDoS attacks ever seen has emerged in the last few days, launching floods of up to 650 Gbps and using a unique payload that researchers say is effective at evading security systems. The network came to light on Dec. 21 when researchers at Imperva […]

New Mirai Variant Infecting Home Routers

A new variant of the Mirai malware that has been wreaking havoc on IoT devices is now being used to infect home routers installed by TalkTalk in the U.K. The malware is exploiting a vulnerability to install itself on the router and then attackers are using the infected devices in DDoS attacks. Researchers at Imperva […]

House Lawmakers to Look at Mirai Botnet DDoS Attacks

A pair of House subcommittees are planning to hold a joint hearing to look at the role that IoT devices have played in a number of recent DDoS attacks. Much of the high-profile DDoS activity that’s taken place lately has been attributed to the Mirai botnet, a series of networks made up of compromised embedded devices. […]

Mirai Botnet Attacks on Liberia Drop Off

The attacks from the Mirai botnet against targets in the country of Liberia that have been ongoing for several days have now stopped, at least for the time being. For more than a week, attackers have been throwing short, but highly potent DDoS floods of various types against a number of sites in the small […]

Senator Asks FCC Whether ISPs Can Block Insecure IoT Devices

Sen. Mark Warner on Tuesday sent a letter to the chairman of the FCC expressing concern about the emergence of the Mirai botnet and asking whether ISPs should have the ability to prevent compromised IoT devices from connecting to their networks. In his letter, Warner (D-Va.) said that the weak security of many embedded devices […]