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Another Critical Bug Hits LastPass

A few days after LastPass released a fix for some critical security flaws in its extensions for Chrome and Firefox, a researcher has identified a new vulnerability in the browser extension that allows an attacker to get full code execution on a target machine. The details of the new bug are not public yet, but […]

Critical Vulnerabilities Found in LastPass Extensions

For the second time in a few months, LastPass had to address serious security flaws in its password manager browser extensions, this time in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The two new vulnerabilities, one involving a website connector bug and the other being a Firefox based message hijacking bug, were discovered by Tavis Ormandy, […]

LastPass Patches Remote Compromise Flaw

LastPass has patched a remote compromise vulnerability disclosed this week by a Google researcher, a bug that could be used to gain full access to Firefox users’ LastPass data. The vulnerability lies in the LastPass extension for Mozilla Firefox, and researcher Tavis Ormandy of Google, who discovered the bug, found that it could be used […]

Critical Bugs Allow Theft of Credentials in LastPass

It’s a bad week to be an engineer at LastPass. The maker of a popular password manager has just fixed a serious vulnerability that allowed attackers to steal users’ stored passwords, and now another researcher has found a separate bug that he says allows full remote compromise of LastPass. On Wednesday, researcher Mathias Karlsson disclosed […]