EFF and Others Tell FBI Access to Biometric Database is Vital

The EFF and several other civil liberties groups have sent comments to the FBI, saying it’s imperative that the bureau not be allowed to keep its massive biometric database out of reach of the Privacy Act. The huge collection of fingerprints, facial recognition data, palm prints, and other identifiers has been built up by the […]

Senate Votes Against Expansion of FBI Surveillance–For Now

The Senate on Wednesday voted down an amendment that would allow the FBI to gain access to citizens’ email, web, and other electronic records through the issuance of a secret National Security Letter. The vote was seen as a victory for privacy advocates, but it may be a short-lived one. The Senate was just one […]

Comey: NAND Mirroring Doesn’t Work

The FBI director says the prevailing theory about the alternative method the bureau is testing for unlocking the iPhone in the San Bernardino case, a technique called NAND mirroring, “doesn’t work”. Speaking at a press conference Thursday with the United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the terror attacks in Brussels, FBI Director James Comey […]

Nigerian Email Scams Alive and Well

Nigerian email scams have been ongoing for more than a decade and in that time have morphed, spread, and evolved from simple pleas for money from consumers to highly targeted schemes going after multi-million companies. And though law enforcement agencies have been following them for years, arrests and indictments related to these scams are still rare. […]

An Interview With Trae McAbee: On the Front Lines of the Fraud Fight

Stealing Money From Venmo Users Over SMS | Multiple Currency | Pindrop

Trae McAbee has been deeply entrenched in the fight against fraud and cybercrime for more than 10 years. As a former special agent in the United States Secret Service, he worked on electronic crimes, data breach investigations, money laundering, and cyber crime. McAbee is now an independent consultant. He spoke with Dennis Fisher about the […]