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U.S., European Law Enforcement Take Down AlphaBay Dark Web Market

Authorities in the United States and Europe have shut down two huge criminal marketplace operating on the dark web, one of which officials say was responsible for more than $1 billion in illicit transactions in the last three years. The investigations into the AlphaBay and Hansa marketplaces have been going on since last year, and […]

Tech Support, Email Fraud Schemes Top FBI Internet Crime List

Fraudsters are continuing to have quite a bit of success with business email compromise scams. Last year, companies in the United States lost more than $360 million to these schemes, an increase of nearly 50 percent from 2015. The FBI’s 2016 Internet Crime Report, which the bureau’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released Thursday, includes […]

FBI Seeks $21M to Counter Encryption

The FBI is asking for more than $20 million in the 2018 fiscal year budget to counter what the bureau sees as the threat of encryption, both in devices and in real-time communications tools such as text or voice apps. The request is part of the Department of Justice’s proposed budget for the next fiscal […]

DHS Points Finger at North Korea for Long Cyberattack Campaign

The United States government has issued a warning about an ongoing series of DDoS attacks and other cyber operations that it says began in 2009, and is pointing the finger squarely at North Korea. On Tuesday, the US-CERT, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, published a technical alert in conjunction with the […]

FBI Disrupts Notorious Kelihos Botnet

The Justice Department has disrupted the Kelihos botnet, one of the more prolific and long-running spam and malware networks, by sinkholing the botnet’s command-and-control servers after the arrest of a Russian man officials allege is Kelihos’s operator. The botnet has been operating since at least 2010 and has infected hundreds of thousands of computers around […]

Email Scam Losses Pass $3 Billion, FBI Says

The amount of money that enterprises in the United States are losing to business email compromise scams is growing at an alarming rate, and is now well into the billions of dollars, according to the FBI. BEC scams, also known as CEO or executive impersonation schemes, are the evolution of phishing attacks and rely on the criminals’ […]

FBI Targets Extensive Cybercrime Ring

Stealing Money From Venmo Users Over SMS | Multiple Currency | Pindrop

A Brooklyn man has pleaded guilty to charges as part of an FBI investigation into a banking malware and money mule scheme that has been running since 2015 and cost victims more than $1 million. The plea from Vyacheslav Khaimov was for his role in the scam, which the FBI alleges involved attackers infecting victims’ machines […]

Google, Facebook, Twitter Ask Trump to Protect Strong Crypto

A group of powerful technology vendors and Internet firms, including Google, Twitter, Uber, Amazon, and Facebook, have sent a letter to Donald Trump’s transition team asking the president-elect to protect the use of strong encryption and consider reforms of the mass surveillance laws. The letter, written by the Internet Association, includes several pages of policy […]

The FBI Wants Your Ransomware Infection Story

As ransomware infections have spread through enterprise networks and infected millions of consumer devices, security experts and law enforcement officials have continued to search for answers. Now, the FBI is asking for victims who have been infected to come forward and detail their issues as a way for the agency to get a better understanding of […]