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Exploit Kits Turn to Malvertising for Survival

Exploit kit activity has been decreasing for a couple of years now, a result of some consolidation in the market, as well as effective investigations and takedowns by law enforcement. But that doesn’t mean the attackers using them have given up. They’ve just shifted tactics, with many now focusing on using malvertising and social engineering […]

New Malvertising Campaign Exploits Home Routers, Changes DNS Servers

There’s a new malvertising campaign that is attacking Chrome users on both desktops and mobile devices and is exploiting victims’ home routers through the use of the DNSChanger exploit kit. The attacks have been going on for several weeks and researchers say they’re targeting several brands of routers, including D-Link, Netgear, and others. The attackers behind […]

Exploit Kits Target Flash and Focus on Newer Vulnerabilities

The conventional wisdom on exploit kits is that they rely mainly on exploits for older vulnerabilities, bugs that were disclosed and patched years ago. But new research shows that most of the popular exploit kits are actually going after flaws from 2015 and later, and the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities are in Flash and Java. […]