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Verizon Says Data Breach Exposure Limited

Verizon has acknowledged that millions of customer records, including phone numbers and account PINs, were exposed in a misconfigured cloud database, but says no one aside from a security researcher accessed the data. The data was in an Amazon cloud bucket administered by a third-party vendor used by Verizon in Israel. Chris Vickery, a researcher […]

Anthem Settles Data Breach Suit for $115 Million

Anthem Inc., the victim of one of the more extensive data breaches in U.S. history, has agreed to pay a settlement of $115 million to consumers affected by the incident. The settlement is believed to be the largest ever to result from a data breach in the U.S. and would end a class-action lawsuit that followed […]

Lawsuit Filed After Personal Data of Nearly 200 Million Voters Exposed

By Jonah Berg-Ganzarain A few days after the personal data of nearly 200 million registered American voters was accidently exposed online due to an “improperly configured security setting”, some of the people affected by the breach have filed a class-action lawsuit against the analytics company responsible for the leak. A total of 1.1 terabytes of data […]

OneLogin Warns of Breach at U.S. Data Center

Security firm OneLogin, which provides single sign-on and other identity and authentication products, has suffered a data breach that it says likely affects all of its customers served by its data center in the United States. In an email sent to customers, the company said that customer data was possibly compromised, but it didn’t specify […]

Yahoo: 32 Million User Cookies Were Stolen

Yahoo executives didn’t understand the severity and scope of the 2014 attack that led to the theft of user data and, as a result, failed to investigate the incident as well as they should have, the company said in a regulatory filing. Attackers, who the company has said were state sponsored, compromised Yahoo’s network in […]

Foreign Government Blamed for Anthem Data Breach

Attackers backed by a foreign government were behind the attack that compromised health insurance company Anthem in 2015, a breach that compromised the information of more than 78 million people, according to the findings of an investigation into the attack. The Anthem data breach is one of the larger health cae-related incidents ever in the United […]

Yahoo Data Breach Highlights Defender’s Disadvantage

For the second time in less than three months, Yahoo has disclosed a massive data breach, and this is one for the record books. The company said more than one billion accounts are affected by the breach, and Yahoo officials still aren’t exactly sure how the attackers got in. On Wednesday evening, Yahoo CISO Bob […]

Yahoo Data Breach May Have Been Identified in 2014

Some Yahoo employees were aware that the company had been compromised as far back as 2014, even though Yahoo officials only disclosed the breach affecting 500 million users two months ago, the company said in a regulatory filing. The company also said that on Monday, law enforcement officials informed Yahoo that a hacker had come […]

Vera Bradley Reveals Data Breach at Retail Stores

Vera Bradley, the maker of women’s handbags and accessories, said attackers compromised its payment processing system and were able to steal card data for customers who used cards in the company’s stores from the end of July through late September. The data breach doesn’t affect cards that were used online and the company hasn’t specified […]