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SiriusXM Radio Files Misdial Trap Complaint

Last week, SiriusXM Radio filed a trademark complaint against the “John Does” using phone number 1-800-593-7474. SiriusXM operates a customer service line at 1-888-593-7474 (1-888-539-SIRIUS), where customers can purchase services, activate current services, and speak to agents regarding issues with their services.

Sirius-XM-LogoAccording to court documents, a group of fraudsters have taken the 1-800 version of the same number. When customers mistakenly dial the 1-800 number, the fraudsters impersonate SiriusXM representatives and then sell callers fake “SiriusXM Coupons,” Wal-mart Gift Cards, or ADT security services.

SiriusXM also claims that the fraudsters attempt to get callers to divulge sensitive personal information, including home phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth, and credit card numbers. One SiriusXM customer reported that the fraudster was so desperate to get a credit card number that he offered to sell $100 worth of SiriusXM coupons for one cent.

According to Pindrop research, this type of consumer scam is not uncommon. In October 2014, after being alerted by reporter Tracy Kitten, Pindrop checked 600 financial institution phone numbers and found more than 100 were affected by the “misdial trap.” Pindrop issued a warning to financial institutions, advising them to check variations of their phone numbers and notify customers of potential fraudsters.

In their complaint, SiriusXM attorneys write that the company has suffered significant damages as a result of this misdial trap, in terms of lost profits, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. SiriusXM notes that the damages are “immediate and irreparable,” and seeks an unknown award that will consist of actual damages, defendant’s profits, and attorneys’ fees.

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