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September 18, 2014 – The Week in Phone Fraud

This week in phone fraud news, a report finds that telephone bank fraud increased 20 percent in 2014. The New York Times profiled a phone scam involving prepaid cards.

On Thursday, SC Magazine reported on a 71% increase of banking fraud in the UK this year, with phone fraud accounting for 20%. Reports indicate that the fraudsters are cold calling victims, tricking them into revealing financial information.

On Tuesday, Matthew Goldstein of The New York Times exposed a telephone scam that told targets they had won a lottery, but needed to pay taxes on the winnings using a prepaid card. The FBI has identified about a dozen victims, including an 86-year-old woman who lost $38,000.

Full Breakdown of This Week’s Phone Fraud News

SC Magazine: Card And Banking Fraud Back On The Rise Again – Sept. 18, 2014

Yahoo! News: Carman Lee Falls Victim To Phone Scam – Sept. 17, 2014

The New York Times: Advocating For Victims Of Prepaid-Card Fraud – Sept. 16, 2014

The Richmond Register: BBB Warns Of Persistent Phone Scam Using IRS Name – Sept. 16, 2014

The Oregonian: Vancouver Man, 70, Loses $10,000 In Jury-Duty Phone Scam – Sept. 13, 2014

MainStreet: Why Phone Fraud Is So Big: Men Can’t Stop Taking Calls From Unknown Numbers – Sept. 12, 2014

The National: Don’t Let Phishers Reel In Your Sensitive Personal Information – Sept. 12, 2014

San Jose Mercury News: Sunnyvale Police Warn Of Phone Scam – Sept. 12, 2014

This Is Money: Online Banking Fraud Increases By 71% In A Year – And Surging Numbers Fall Victim To Sneaky Telephone Scammers – Sept. 12, 2014

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