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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Known as a venue for exchanging ideas, networking, and learning about the latest security trends, the RSA Conference will take place from April 16 – 19 in San Francisco.

RSA aims to bring together all elements of cybersecurity and help organizations stay ahead of threats through a multitude of speakers, keynote sessions, and networking events. This year, Pindrop will be hosting presentations at booth S1909, South Expo at RSA, offering insights on fighting fraudsters while keeping customer experience in mind.

Beating the Balancing Act
When companies tighten security to help avoid fraudulent activity, customers are often treated like criminals. However, a fear of fraud can’t be prioritized over providing a seamless customer experience. Creating a balance between customer service and deterring sophisticated fraud attempts is key.

Securing the Conversational Economy
The rise of voice assistants and voice-connected devices has sparked the conversational economy revolution. This new era arrives not without threats. Fraudsters are constantly adapting and looking for ways to penetrate security measures in hopes of financial gain.

The Anatomy of Fraud
Fraud often originates in the call center as fraudsters use social engineering and vishing to extract information from CSRs. The skill sets of fraudsters often function like a snowball effect. Once they gather information in the call center, fraudsters can use that information in additional channels — all helping their ultimate goal of financial gain.
Join us at booth S1909, South Expo, at RSA to learn more about the balancing act of security and CX, the rise of the conversational economy, and for a deeper look at the anatomy of fraud.
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In between speakers and sessions, join us for our 4th Annual Whiskey Tasting Party at B Restaurant and Bar.