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Call Center Criminals: Fraud Techniques Unmasked

A fraud technique differs from a specific fraud type, such as account takeover (ATO) fraud or card not present (CNP) fraud. Fraudsters use different techniques to bypass security measures and call center agents, when coupled with a completed fraudulent transaction, it gets classified by fraud type.

Pindrop® works directly with customers and industry experts to understand phone fraud from every aspect. Learning how fraudsters operate and what techniques they use is fundamental to building solutions that help detect fraud for the world’s premier call centers.

Pindrop® Labs’ annual Call Center Fraud Report investigates fraud on a global scale and its impact on various industries. This report will re-adjust that lens and examine fraud at a more tactical level to see how fraudsters bypass existing security measures. The following research examines the top 5 common tactics, including some profiles of known fraudsters spotted by Pindrop® Labs in the past year.

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