Pindrop on Protecting the Call Center at BAI Payments

baipayments2015Call centers are under attack. The problem is significant – Pindrop Security research shows that financial service call centers lose $0.57 to fraud on every incoming call. For a call center receiving an average of 10,000 calls a day, that’s $1.5m a year in losses.

Call centers waste productivity and time by requiring customer service representatives (CSRs) to screen for fraud. CSRs have a clear goal: provide the best customer service possible. Being forced to verify customers means that a CSR’s initial contact with a caller is to challenge them, rather than to find out how they can be of service.

Pindrop’s Fraud Detection System (FDS) is a tool that allows CSRs to focus on providing customer service by screening calls deemed as high fraud risk. Greg Adams, Pindrop’s Vice President of Product Management, will be leading a presentation on how CSRs use FDS at this year’s BAI Payments Connect. The session, entitled “Detecting a Fraudulent Call to a Financial Services Call Center,” will demonstrate real-time detection of a fraud call by a call center representative using Pindrop’s Fraud Detection System. We will show a legitimate call as well as a fraud call and demonstrate how the calls appear to the call center representative.

The session will take place on Tuesday, March 3rd from 2:45-3:45 PM during the BAI Payments Innovation Track in Room 106A of the Phoenix Convention Center.

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