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Pindrop® Express | Authentication, Risk, CX and the Enterprise

Businesses today often suffer from lagging or inefficient authentication solutions – from knowledge based authentication questions (KBAs) to simple caller ID verification. These traditional methods are tedious and create friction within the overall customer experience, extending call handle time which also impacts operational costs. Additionally, we are moving into an era defined by a conversational economy – which has placed expectations on enterprises to support the growing popularity and use of voice technology by customers.

Aligned with the voice first movement, Pindrop® Express, a risk-based authentication solution, can validate a customer’s phone number prior to the call arriving at the contact center, delivering a “yes” or “no” authentication decision. Going beyond phone number validation, Pindrop Express works within carrier networks, gaining access to additional metadata. The calls are analyzed using a proprietary risk engine and then the validated caller ID is matched to a customer number on file to provide the simple authentication decision. Pindrop Express removes friction by verifying legitimate calls, reducing the amount of time consuming KBAs required, and enabling more advanced self-service transactions.

  • Authentication

Pindrop Express leverages intelligence from carrier networks, allowing ANI validation prior to the phone ringing. This pre-ring authentication will reduce call handle time by removing lengthy authentication practices (KBAs), eliminating some of the friction of the overall customer experience.

  • Risk Assessment

Beyond ANI validation, Pindrop Express includes Pindrop’s proprietary risk engine and intelligence from the Pindrop Consortium – allowing more than just spoofed calls to be stopped.

  • Customer Experience

With reduced average call handle time, Pindrop Express reduces the need for extensive identity verification methods for most of your customers. With less friction encountered, customers are granted a quicker resolution.

Requiring no enrollment and offering passive authentication that works on every customer call – regardless of whether they have previously called, Pindrop Express is fit for enterprises of all sizes.

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