Pindrop and Black Hat USA 2014

It’s been a few weeks since the Black Hat conference and Pindrop’s presentation has generated quite a bit of news. The combination of updated fraud data and innovative new ways to analyze Call Detail/Data Records (CDR) opened some eyes to the threats in the phone channel. Which was rather fitting since the other big story out of Black Hat was hacking of Google Nest home technology like thermostats. What’s old is new again.

The Pindrop team at Black Hat, which included Vijay Balasubramaniyan as well as Raj Bandyopadhyay, our lead data scientist, and Paul Judge, our executive chairman, met with researchers, analysts and press as well as customers, in between long walks from event to event and the threat of advanced (and not so advanced) and persistent sport hacking . Unfortunately, Telvis Calhoun, who contributed to the research, had to cancel at the last minute.

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Some of the coverage of Pindrop’s research: Bloomberg, Motherboard, Threatpost, NPR, eWeek, The Register, The Kim Komando ShowSoftpedia, Contact Center Solutions