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Written by: Mike Yang

Fraudsters know the call center is not as well-defended as other potential avenues in most enterprises. As network and endpoint security technology has evolved over the years, fraudsters have adapted and evolved to continue to obtain the information they want. For enterprises that hold customer data or assets – protecting the call center is key.
Defending the phone channel presents various challenges, especially due to the high involvement of human interaction. Fraudsters utilize social engineering to influence call center agents and trick them into granting access to information or accounts. With an estimated $14 billion in annual phone fraud loss, it is clear fraudsters know how to maneuver around legacy security solutions.
Now, Amazon Web Services is offering a disruptive solution, Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center service based on the same contact center solution used at over 50 internal Amazon businesses by as many as 70,000+ simultaneous agents on a daily basis. Amazon Connect, paired with Pindrop’s technology, allows you to deploy a call center solution that not only will allow any business to deploy better customer service at a lower cost, but will also minimize the impact of contact center fraud on your organization.
The seamless integration of Pindrop’s technology with Amazon Connect provides a combination of effective solutions paired with fraud detection and prevention capabilities. This partnership will allow enterprises to improve customer experience with streamlined customer authentication processes without excessive friction to reduce average call handling time. Additionally, Pindrop for Amazon Connect will defend enterprises against account takeovers and will help identify suspicious behavior to prevent fraud before it happens.
You can see the combination of Amazon Connect and Pindrop used to address areal-world customer purchase scenario here and service scenario here
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