Phone Fraud Round Up: Week of November 7, 2012

Fox Channel 4: Robo-calls scam Southwest Floridians into releasing banking info

Victims are being scammed by automated phone calls (robocalls), saying it was someone from the power company.  The call tells the victim that they need to pay their bill or risk power being shut off (the caller ID shows the local utility).  Not knowing if their bill had already been paid the victim goes ahead gives out their banking information and other personal information over the phone.

PatriotLedgerMarshfield Seniors Get Advice on Sniffing Out Scams

Fraudsters are preying on the elderly. The fraudster calls and  pretends to be a grandchild or nephew in a foreign country and asks that money be wired to them.

ABC Channel 5: Geauga County Sheriff Warns of Several Telephone Scams Going Around

A male voice is calling residents claiming to be an investigator and telling the homeowner they could be in trouble with the “county Sheriff’s office.” The caller then asks for your social security number, complete name and other personal information.  Another scam police are seeing is a company or sweepstakes calling residents to say they just won a prize and asking for personal information.

News Guard: State Revenue Warning Oregonians of e-mail, telephone scams

Taxpayers have reported receiving phone calls from fraudsters posing as Department of Revenue tax collectors.  The caller tells the person that they owe the state money, and asks them to wire a payment immediately to clear up their tax issue. Other taxpayers have reported receiving robocalls informing them they can claim a large tax rebate if they call back to a certain phone number.