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A [Female] Voice of Concern

The number of people using digital assistants are growing by the day, and the increasing popularity has led to predictions of as many as 75% of US households owning smart speakers by 2020 according to Gartner. Within this expansive growth, there are several brands of assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana, taking the lead. Their offerings contain…
March 19, 2015
Iowa’s Phone Fraud Warning Sends Mixed Signals to Taxpayers
Earlier this month, we reported that several states had implemented taxpayer identity protection programs as a way to cut down on tax fraud. These programs,…
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March 18, 2015
Pindrop on Retail Call Center Fraud at Merchant Risk Council 2015
Retail call centers present an ideal target for phone fraudsters. Because phone transactions do not require a physical card swipe, fraudsters can use the same…
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March 13, 2015
Mar. 13 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, IRS scammers make bad choices, and authorities crack down on robocallers around the world. IRS phone scammers made some unfortunate…
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March 6, 2015
Mar 6 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, fraudsters exploit Apple Pay authentication and the IRS phone scammers leave threatening voicemails. On Monday, the Guardian broke the story…
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March 6, 2015
Pindrop is a finalist in the 2015 CardNotPresent Awards
Pindrop is honored to be named as a finalist in the 2015 CardNotPresent (CNP) Awards! We are in good company. The CNP Awards recognize the…
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March 5, 2015
Are Anti-Fraud Measures Putting Taxpayers at Risk?
It’s tax season, and that means tax scams are in full swing. Earlier this week, we wrote about the latest incarnations of the IRS phone…
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March 4, 2015
Did the IRS Leave You a Voicemail?
As tax season begins, the IRS Phone Scam observed in years past, is surging. Aggressive phone calls by criminals impersonating IRS agents remain a serious…
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March 3, 2015
Cybersecurity Trends in Government at SINET ITSEF
Earlier this year, the IRS made the news when it announced that it expected nearly half of the calls it gets this tax season to…
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March 2, 2015
Meet Pindrop at March Info Sec Events
At Pindrop, we’re working hard to get the word out about phone fraud in the call center and how we can help you fight back.…
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February 27, 2015
Feb 27, 2015 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, provides an opportunity for phone fraudsters and Atlanta is named a hub for cybersecurity. On Monday, Hacksurfer issued a…
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February 26, 2015
The Story Behind Swatting
“The exploits are anywhere you give your money. Those are the holes. Anyone you give your money, anyone who has your phone number, anyone who…
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February 24, 2015
How the Pindrop Phoneypot Can Help Stop Robocalls at CFCA – FIINA
Robocalling and other malicious calling campaigns continue to plague the telecommunications industry. The FTC received nearly two million complaints about robocalls in 2014, accounting for…
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