May 8, 2014 – The Week in Phone Fraud

This week in Phone Fraud news saw coverage around an emerging Fake Windows Support Scam, in which Fraudsters targeted a wide swath of the population, including in multiple instances, the elderly Swedish community.

On Monday Gregg Keizer of Computerworld first reported that Microsoft was aware of the issue and that there were no signs of it slowing down, and that Fraudsters were in fact, growing bolder.

On Tuesday, Swedish publication The Local covered the scam, highlighting one Windows Support Fraudster targeted a71-year old retired schoolteacher, and how she was almost swindled out her pension fund by the fraudulent tactics.

On Thursday, Infopackets journalist Brandon Dimmel had picked up the story. Brandon pointed out that scammers point to harmless or low-level log errors on the users’ PC via the Windows Event Viewer tool in an effort to convince the victim that their computer is in infected. Scammers then ask for money in exchange for a solution which can involve a one-time “fix” or a fake security software subscription.

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