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Written by: Mike Yang

Delivered by the International Quality and Production Center (IQPC), the 18th annual Call Center Week will be taking place from June 26-30th this year in Las Vegas. As the largest conference dedicated to the customer experience, there are over 2,000 expected attendees, in addition to 155 expert speakers, as well as 200 sponsors and exhibitors. CCW aims to bring together all elements of the customer experience through a multitude of workshops, speakers, keynote sessions, and other networking events.

Top 5 Takeaways from Last Year’s Conference

  1.  Get Personal, Humanize the Non-Human: More and more often, call centers are becoming dominated by interactive voice response (IVR). The needs of customers can be met with the self-service capabilities of IVR, but they require the personability of human call center agents. The call center, whether dependent upon live agents or IVR, should coincide with a company’s values and complement the customer experience.
  2. Know Your Agents, Know Your Customers: In order for your call center to flourish, it is essential for agents to be treated like customers – as unique individuals. Agent engagement adds to the overall customer experience.
  3. Consistent Connections: Today’s customer experience environment is widely characterized by interwoven business channels. The need for connection requires data from past customer interactions to be used in the future, as communication between each agent is also important in maximizing the customer experience.
  4. Optimize the Omnichannel: Due to the expansion of media and technology, customers expect to be able to communicate through multiple channels. It is necessary for call centers to grow with the continuous expansion of media in order to meet customers’ expectations.
  5. Be Predictive, Be Proactive: When customers contact companies through the call center, they are typically looking for answers to familiar questions. Call centers need to be predictive and proactive in determining why the customer is calling, which can then allow the delivery of near-immediate resolutions.

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In efforts to continue improving the customer experience in the call center, Pindrop will be participating in the upcoming Call Center Week as exhibitors at Booth 528.