June 20, 2014 – The Week in Phone Fraud

This week in phone fraud news saw a number of phone advisories, including a new trending scam in the UK involving fake bank employees, a new mobile app that promises to stop robocalls from fraudsters, and a Forbes article on ending call center phone fraud.

On Wednesday, Gartner Analyst Avivah Litan covered the problems of enterprise phone fraud in an article for Forbes that also discussed phone fraud technologies like phoneprinting and voice biometrics. Normally, we see a great deal of consumer based fraud news, but Avivah’s article highlights the vulnerability of call center agents, the power of social engineering, and how phoneprinting and voice biometric technologies can help stop fraudsters before they defraud companies across the world.

Full Breakdown of This Week’s Phone Fraud News

The Packet: Warning after woman in Camborne ripped off in telephone scam – June 19, 2014 

Hinckley Times: Firm avoids £35,000 phone bill run up by hackers – June 19, 2014

Star Tribune (Wyoming): Casper woman loses $16,000 in phone scam – June 18, 2014

The Mercury: Sheriff warns county residents of phone scam – June 18, 2014

Forbes: Preventing Fraud in the Call Center with Phone Printing and Voice Biometrics – June 18, 2014

CNBC: Want to get rid of those $#%@ robocalls? There’s an app for that – June 17, 2014

Plymouth Herald: Police warning elderly in Plymouth to be alert to phone fraudsters – June 17, 2014

The Guardian: Beware the bogus bank employees who could scam you of your life savings – June 13, 2014

Main Street: How Seniors Make It Easy for ID Thieves – June 16, 2014