July 4, 2014 – The Week in Phone Fraud

Happy Independence Day in the US!

This week in phone fraud news saw fraud advisories across both the US and UK, along with a feature on our unique phoneprinting technology in Popular Mechanics.

On Monday in the UK, The Crawley News covered an increase in fraudulent calls from fake police officers attempting to scan citizens out of their money buy threatening their immediate arrest. On Tuesday in Ohio, WSPA 7 reported on fraudsters pretending to be family members calling frantically and instructing victims to wire money immediately to get them out of jail or the hospital. In both instances, staff writers reiterated the importance of never divulging personal information over the phone to someone you don’t know.

On Wednesday, Popular Mechanics took a look at Pindrop and discussed how the industry has been long overdue for a next generation solution for the caller ID problem.

Full Breakdown of This Week’s Phone Fraud News

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Popular Mechanics: Can We Catch Phone Scammers by Their Audio Fingerprints? – July 3, 2014

WKRN: Phone scam appears as law enforcement, IRS on caller ID – July 2, 2014 Suspected phone scams continue in Bay Village – July 1, 2014

WSPA 7 (ABC): Simpsonville Police Warn Old Phone Scam Is Back – July 1, 2014

Naked Security: Payment card survey – where does your country sit on the fraud list? – June 30, 2014

El Paso Southwest Senior: Just Hang Up: How to Handle fraud by phone – June 30, 2014

Crawley News: Pensioners in Crawley being targeted by phone scam in which fraudsters pretend to be police officers – June 30, 2014