July 15– This Week In Phone Fraud

TWIPF2 This week in phone fraud, Pindrop was featured on NBC Nightly News and informed viewers what they can do to protect themselves from phone fraud.

On Wednesday, NBC Nightly News featured research from Pindrop and showed the public how they can protect themselves against phone scams. With fraud calls having doubled in the past three years, fraudsters are finding new ways to swindle victims, and it starts by tricking your phone.

Tuesday, BBC News reported that when calling banks, it takes us 45 seconds on average just to confirm who we are. But by using computers to identify our voices, this authentication process can be cut to 15 seconds on average, saving banks lots of cash and us lots of hassle.


The Washington Post: IRS: A new phone scam threatens college students – Fraudsters claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service ring up college students and demand payment for something they call the “Federal Student Tax.” It’s a variation on a common scam that tries to convince victims that they’re in trouble with the government.

GCN: Stopping identity fraud in public assistance programs – Criminals who commit benefits fraud often use other people’s personal information to file for food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment insurance and other public assistance programs. These skilled fraudsters know how to game the system, and often do it in multiple states with the same identities.

NBC News: Robocall Credit Card Interest Scam Continues to Plague Consumers – Telephone fraudsters know that Americans are fed up with high interest rates on their credit card balances and have for years been trying to cash in on that frustration by tricking consumers into paying them as much as several thousand dollars for bogus rate reduction programs.

PC World: What I learned playing prey to Windows scammers – Three months of phone calls prove Windows scammers are more skilled at social engineering than you think. The callers are polite, because they know that the success of their scam hinges on being helpful and earning trust so that victims reveal valuable information allowing them to take over accounts.

Wisconsin state Journal: Phone scammers take advantage of Dallas shootings – The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a new phone scam that involves donating money to help the families affected by the shootings in Dallas on Thursday night. Fraudsters call people impersonating the sheriff’s office and asking for donations, but local law enforcement is requesting no such assistance.

Today: Young parents lost about S$70,000 in phone scam – Armed with nearly 10 years’ worth of hard-earned savings, first-time parents from Singapre were ready to move to an executive condominium with their three-month-old son, when they fell prey to a phone scam and lost almost S$70,000 of their savings to conmen posing as police officers.

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