July 1– This Week In Phone Fraud

TWIPF2 This week in phone fraud,




Business Weekly: Scam Report: Robocallers landing in sticky situation – Using generic names such as “Bank Card Services” and “Credit Assistance Program,” robocallers that are members of Life Management Services of Orange County LLC held themselves out as a “licensed enrollment center” for major credit cards that can offer big savings to cash-strapped consumers.

On the Wire: Seven Jailed in Massive Phone Fraud Scam – Authorities in the U.K. have sentenced seven people to prison for their part in running a wide-ranging phone fraud scam that cost victims more than £1.3 million over the course of several years.

WND: “IRS agents” involved in menacing but lucrative phone scam – The IRS scam may be an old one, but apparently it’s still very live and effective. According to the IRS, more than 1.2 million Americans having reported receiving such calls in last month. The IRS is trying to warn Americans that its officers would never makes such a telephone call, but many terrified citizens are taking the bait.

Express: Heartless thieves con elderly widow into handing over lifesavings in ‘vishing scam’ – The callous thieves called the pensioner on Sunday pretending to work for the bank’s fraud department and told her that £900 had been taken from her account. The day after the con-men asked the victim to transfer her money into a different account for safe-keeping.

NBC News: Fraud Alert: ID Thieves Hijack Mobile Phone Accounts – While a common criminal might try to snatch your smartphone for some quick cash, these clever crooks take over your wireless account. By taking control of your mobile account, a fraudster can buy new equipment, such as expensive smartphones, bill them to your account and then sell them.

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