Finovate Spring

Vijay Balasubramaniyan at Finovate Spring 2012

Vijay Balasubramaniyan at Finovate Spring 2012

Pindrop was selected to participate in the Finovate Spring 2012 conference in San Francisco. Check out this video of Pindrop’s demo featuring Vijay Balasubramaniyan.

I’ve been to a lot of industry events but Finovate was different in several respects. Finovate provides approximately 60 vendors 7 minutes to present your solution. 7 minutes is a hard stop – there is no swelling orchestra to give you a hint like the Oscars. The lights just go off. This drives a good deal of efficiency from the presenters and discipline from the vendors was excellent. The result was a rigorous, long day for attendees – you needed to keep paying attention to be sure you didn’t miss anything – but rewarding since the vendors where handpicked for their innovative solutions. And the day ended around 3:30 when the drinks arrived and everyone had a chance to mingle. The attendees were a who’s who of finance and banking technologists so the level of interaction and depth of questions was outstanding. This was an event where you learn as much from the attendees as they learn about you.

I should also mention that this was one of the best run events I’ve seen. Extensive pre-show resources and support for presenters and vendors. Great communication and expectation setting. Great online support. The facility was perfect with lots of space to meet and good food and drink. The Finovate team did an excellent job. We will be looking to future Finovate events to roll out new products and major upgrades.

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