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Category: Social Engineering

May 23, 2016
SWIFT Pushes Information Sharing After String of Bank Attacks
After a string of highly sophisticated and well-publicized attacks in recent weeks, officials at SWIFT, the banking payment consortium, are asking banks to improve their information sharing efforts to help combat future compromises. The SWIFT payment network has been targeted by several successful attacks recently, including one that resulted in the fraudulent transfer of $81 million…
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May 18, 2016
Clickjacking Bug Affects 95 Percent of Android Devices
Researchers have found that a vulnerability in Android that allows attackers to trick users into granting apps elevated privileges affects more devices than had originally been thought–nearly 96 percent of all Android devices. The vulnerability is not a typical bug. It relies on some user interaction and lies in the way that Android allows apps…
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May 11, 2016
SamSam and the Rise of Corporate Ransomware
The SamSam ransomware that caused serious damage to a California hospital and has infected many other enterprises in the United States is continuing to evolve and add new functionality as its developers look to stay ahead of researchers and defenders. SamSam is part of the newer wave of ransomware variants that don’t just rely on individual…
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May 10, 2016
Data Shows Phone Fraud Costing Businesses as Much as $27M a Year
Last year, about one in every 1,700 calls to a corporate call center in the United States was from a fraudster, and those malicious calls can cost large organizations as much as $27 million per year, new research shows. The rate of phone fraud in corporate call centers has jumped by more than 45 percent in the last…
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May 9, 2016
Inside the AlphaLocker Ransomware
The ransomware ecosystem has developed largely underground, and insights into the way that the malware is developed and controlled are rare. But researchers at Cylance recently got an inside look at the way that AlphaLocker ransomware goes about its business and found that the operation is surprisingly simple and yet still quite effective. AlphaLocker is…
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May 6, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Chris Hadnagy
In this episode of the On the Wire podcast, Dennis Fisher talks with Chris Hadnagy of Social-Engineer Inc., about the concept of social engineering, how he got into the field, and how social engineering techniques are used by attackers. Chris talks about the way phishing has evolved in recent years, the rise of phone fraud…
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May 6, 2016
Jolly Roger and the Rise of the Anti-Bot Bots
A bot that started as a way for one man to annoy and frustrate telemarketers and robocallers has now developed into a subscription service for consumers and businesses who have had enough of the unsolicited and sometimes fraudulent calls. The Jolly Roger Telephone Co. is the creation of Roger Anderson, a phone industry veteran who…
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May 3, 2016
FBI Renews Warning on Ransomware Threat
The FBI has issued a fresh warning about the ransomware epidemic, even as the volume and sophistication of the attacks continues to rise. The latest major incident occurred last week when a power utility in Michigan was hit by a ransomware attack on its corporate network. The attack began, as many do, with a phishing…
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April 27, 2016
Hear a Real Bank Phone Fraud Call From a Fake Cop
The ongoing problem of fraudsters targeting senior citizens with sophisticated phone scams has taken a new turn, as the criminals have begun using a technique that involves them showing up at victims’ homes to collect their debit cards. The scam is an extension of a common phone fraud technique in which criminals call victims–typically senior…
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April 26, 2016
Verizon DBIR Shows Focus on Credential Theft in Breaches
Attackers are continuing to refine their tactics and develop new tools, but in a lot of cases they still rely on tried-and-true methods such as phishing, social engineering, malware, keyloggers, and credential theft to achieve their goals. The 2016 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report shows that these tactics and tools are still among the most-used by…
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