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March 10, 2016
EFF Says Bills Requiring Vendor Decryption of Phones Could be Unconstitutional
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has come out in opposition of a proposed California bill that would require Apple and other phone manufacturers to be able to decrypt the contents of any device they sell in the state. The California bill was introduced in January by Assemblyman Jim Cooper and it is designed to force vendors…
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March 2, 2016
Balancing Privacy and Security in the Backdoor Debate
SAN FRANCISCO–The Apple-FBI debate has brought up many old arguments about wiretapping, surveillance, backdoors, and law enforcement, but while the discussions aren’t new, the technological context is. Cryptographers and privacy experts who are studying the case say that the recent proliferation of encrypted communications and devices has raised the stakes for everyone involved. “Wiretapping didn’t…
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March 1, 2016
Some Rays of Sunshine on the Security Horizon
SAN FRANCISCO–The cryptographers’ panel at the RSA Conference is not generally noted for its optimism. But amid the usual talk of mass surveillance and breaks in ciphers, several of the panelists sounded downright upbeat about the future of security. The panel, which is just about the last remaining nod to the conference’s roots as a…
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February 26, 2016
‘This is Not a Case About One Isolated iPhone’
Apple’s lawyers say that not only does the compromised operating system that the FBI wants to install on the iPhone used by a terrorist not exist, but that it would take between six and 10 engineers and other employees as long as a month to create it. That fact, the company argues, along with a…
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February 25, 2016
Cook: ‘This is Not What Should Be Happening in This Country’
As the deadline for Apple to respond to a court order to help the FBI unlock an iPhone, both sides are upping the level of their rhetoric, with Apple CEO Tim Cook saying “this is not what should be happening in this country.” In an interview Wednesday, Cook said that the company has refused to do…
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February 24, 2016
Rep. Lieu Asks Comey to Drop FBI’s Demands on Apple
Rep. Ted Lieu has sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey asking the bureau to drop its legal efforts to force Apple to circumvent its own security measures so the FBI can access data on an iPhone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino massacre. Lieu (D-Calif.), who has a background…
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February 22, 2016
What We Know So Far: Apple and the FBI
The public back-and-forth between the FBI and Apple over the company’s refusal to create a custom version of iOS that would let the FBI access encrypted data on an iPhone belonging to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino massacre has produced a huge amount of rhetoric and confusion. The technical details of what…
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February 17, 2016
Google Data Shows Dangers of Third-Party App Stores
TENERIFE–Google’s position in the Internet world is a unique one. In one or another, the company controls or sees much of the traffic on the network and owns one of the larger computing arsenals on the planet. It’s also in control of a decent chunk of the mobile world, thanks to Android’s popularity, and securing…
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February 10, 2016
Time is Now For an IoT Security Development Lifecycle
TENERIFE–Microsoft engineers, executives, and developers have spent much of the past decade spreading the gospel of the security development lifecycle (SDL), trying to convert people and organizations to the religion of building security into software and other products from the beginning of the process. That effort has succeeded in many ways, and now experts say…
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February 8, 2016
Welcome to the Golden Age of IoT Hacking
TENERIFE–Nostalgia for the 1990s may be all the rage at the moment (see: The X-Files, The People vs. O.J. Simpson) but when it comes to security, no one is looking to go back 20 years. Sadly, that’s about where the security of many IoT devices belongs, experts say, and there doesn’t look to be much…
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