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March 29, 2016
Apple Case May Cast a Long Shadow
Now that the Department of Justice has withdrawn its lawsuit against Apple in the case concerning the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, it’s clear that the legal and media battles of the last month and a half have produced more questions than they’ve answered. Chief among those remaining questions is this: What was the point? The…
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March 28, 2016
Facebook Testing Anti-Impersonation Feature
Phishing and account takeover attacks take many forms, especially on massive platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, and defending against them is a tall order. Facebook has tried a number of tactics over the years, and now the company is testing a new feature that will detect and warn users when someone else is trying…
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March 25, 2016
Comey: NAND Mirroring Doesn’t Work
The FBI director says the prevailing theory about the alternative method the bureau is testing for unlocking the iPhone in the San Bernardino case, a technique called NAND mirroring, “doesn’t work”. Speaking at a press conference Thursday with the United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the terror attacks in Brussels, FBI Director James Comey…
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March 24, 2016
FBI-Apple Case Could Mean Uncertain Future for Users
The news this week that the Department of Justice has found a third party to help it unlock a contested iPhone without Apple’s compelled help–and subsequently asked to cancel a court hearing on the matter–has been hailed as a victory both for Apple and its users. While that may be true, at least for the…
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March 18, 2016
FTC Warns App Developers Over Use of Audio Tracking Code
The Federal Trade Commission is warning a dozen developers about some code they’ve included in their apps that can surreptitiously listen to unique audio signals from TVs in the background and build detailed profiles of what consumers are watching. The technology, produced by a company called SilverPush, is used to track users across devices and the…
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March 17, 2016
FBI Victory in Apple Case Could Backfire
The FBI has been pushing hard, both publicly and privately, for Apple to help it unlock an alleged terrorist’s iPhone by creating a compromised version of iOS, and it may well end up winning that battle. And while that may set a precedent for future law enforcement operations in the United States, it may wind up…
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March 16, 2016
Apple Says FBI’s Request for Backdoor is ‘Offensive’
In a new brief in its ongoing legal battle with the FBI and Department of Justice, Apple said that the government does not have any legal authority to force the company to create a backdoored version of iOS and that the FBI has “belittled” Apple’s concerns about the danger of creating such software. In the…
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March 14, 2016
Obama: Middle Ground Possible on iPhone Encryption
Much has been said on both sides of the Apple-FBI debate in the last month, and now President Barack Obama has let his thoughts on the subject be known. Obama, speaking at the South By Southwest Interactive conference, said he is “way on the civil liberties side of this thing” but also said there needs to…
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March 14, 2016
WhatsApp May Be Next Front in Crypto Battle
The United States government, still entangled with Apple in the battle over an encrypted iPhone, has taken on another big opponent in its efforts to access encrypted communications: WhatsApp. The hyper-popular mobile messaging app is, in some parts of the world with poor phone coverage, the default communications mechanism. Now owned by Facebook, WhatsApp employs end-to-end…
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March 11, 2016
Apple-FBI Case Gets Nasty
The federal government and Apple both have dropped any semblance of civility in their battle over an encrypted iPhone, with the Department of Justice calling Apple’s arguments “corrosive” and threatening to demand the iOS source code and its master signing key for the operating system, and Apple’s lawyers calling the government “desperate”. The government on…
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