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May 16, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Alex Howard
Alex Howard has been writing and thinking about technology and open data issues for more than a decade, having worked at O’Reilly Radar, the Huffington Post, and now at the Sunlight Foundation. In this episode of the podcast, Dennis Fisher talks with Alex about the ways in which technology coverage has shifted, the advent of…
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May 11, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: David Dewey on Phone Fraud
Dennis Fisher talks with David Dewey, director of research at Pindrop, about the data in the 2016 Phone Fraud Report. Since 2013 there has been a 45 percent increase in phone fraud and now more than one in every 2,000 calls to corporate call centers is fraudulent. This kind of fraud is costing business as…
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May 6, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Chris Hadnagy
In this episode of the On the Wire podcast, Dennis Fisher talks with Chris Hadnagy of Social-Engineer Inc., about the concept of social engineering, how he got into the field, and how social engineering techniques are used by attackers. Chris talks about the way phishing has evolved in recent years, the rise of phone fraud…
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April 28, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Patrick Wardle
Patrick Wardle is well-known in the security community for his research on Mac OS X security features and malware. He’s demonstrated practical methods for bypassing Gatekeeper and the other security mechanisms in OS X, and he recently released a free tool called RansomWhere? that’s designed to generically detect OS X ransomware, such as KeRanger. Dennis…
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April 8, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Katie Moussouris
Katie Moussouris has been a part of the hacker community since, well, a long time. A former penetration tester at @stake and a longtime security employee at Microsoft, she has spent the last two years as the chief policy officer at HackerOne, the bug bounty coordination platform. Now, she’s starting her own consulting firm to…
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March 30, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Mike Mimoso on the Apple-FBI Case
Dennis Fisher talks with Mike Mimoso of Threatpost about the details of Apple’s legal and PR battle with the FBI and federal government. The case involves a lot of oddities, including the FBI’s choice to play it out in public, why the FBI didn’t seek help from forensics experts, and why the government decided that…
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March 17, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: David Dewey
Apple has been touting its Apple Pay app as a secure, convenient alternative to other payment systems. It has been adopted by a number of major retailers and card issuers, but David Dewey, research director at Pindrop Labs, ran several experiments on the system’s card enrollment and authentication flow and found some serious problems. Using social engineering…
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March 10, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Rich Mogull
In this episode, Dennis Fisher brings on Rich Mogull of Securosis to talk about the FTC demanding information from PCI assessors. The PCI standard has been in place for more than a decade now and while it has contributed to raising the level of security, the assessment industry has long been fraught with problems. Rich…
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March 7, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: RSA Conference Roundtable
In this episode of the podcast, Dennis Fisher is joined by a large cast of characters live at last week’s RSA Conference, including Jessy Irwin of 1Password, Chris Gonsales of IANS, Mike Mimosa of Threatpost, Fahmida Rashid of InfoWorld, and Chris Brook of Threatpost. The discussion touches on good and bad RSA talks, what we’ve…
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March 1, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Rick Holland
Rick Holland has seen the security world from a variety of interesting angles. He’s been a practitioner, an industry analyst, and is now the vice president of strategy at Digital Shadows. He’s been digging around in all of the interesting data that the company collects from the public Internet and the deep Web and in…
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