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July 23, 2015
Ashley Madison Hack Opens Door to Phone Scams
With any major data breach, we expect to see an increase in phone scams. Attackers sell hacked customer data on the black market. Other criminals use the information to mount social engineering attacks on consumers. The recent attack on dating website Ashley Madison, however, could take these types of phone scams to a new level.…
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July 21, 2015
Phone Scam Breakdown: Retail Purchase Order Scams
The first step in protecting against phone scams is understanding how they work. That’s why we’re starting a new series on the blog, breaking down some of the newest and most popular phone scams circulating among businesses and consumers. **For more information on how phone fraud affects retailers, register for our upcoming webinar, “The State…
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June 15, 2015
Going back to the future with TechCrunch
Yesterday, Somesh Dash, a Pindrop Security board member and investor and general partner at Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), wrote an article in TechCrunch on why it’s important for entrepreneurs to strike a balance between old and new when developing technology. In the article, Somesh uses the example of how Beats by Dre capitalized on seemingly…
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May 1, 2015
Three Things We Learned at RSA 2015
This year’s RSA Conference was bigger than ever. The Pindrop team stayed busy speaking to current and future customers and partners at our booth in the South Expo. We also took the opportunity to bring many of our partners and customers together for two networking events: our Cybersecurity Whisky Tasting with Felicis Ventures at AQ’s…
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March 3, 2015
Cybersecurity Trends in Government at SINET ITSEF
Earlier this year, the IRS made the news when it announced that it expected nearly half of the calls it gets this tax season to go unanswered. Wait times for those that get through are expected to be over 30 minutes. Meanwhile, there has been a surge in aggressive and threatening phone calls from scam…
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February 26, 2015
The Story Behind Swatting
“The exploits are anywhere you give your money. Those are the holes. Anyone you give your money, anyone who has your phone number, anyone who has your address – they’re the exploits. If their support line is based on human interaction, it’s super easy.” -ZeroExFF, Self-Confessed Swatter   “Swatting” is a prank often used by…
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February 24, 2015
How the Pindrop Phoneypot Can Help Stop Robocalls at CFCA – FIINA
Robocalling and other malicious calling campaigns continue to plague the telecommunications industry. The FTC received nearly two million complaints about robocalls in 2014, accounting for about half of the total Do Not Call Complaints made that year. These unwanted calls waste more than 20 million working hours each year for SMBs. One tool that is…
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January 31, 2015
Phone Fraud as a Service
When you think of phone fraudsters, what image comes to mind? For many, it’s a picture of a lone wolf, probably wearing a hoodie, and working out of his mother’s basement. The reality of phone fraud is actually much different. Taking their cue from traditional business models, organized criminals have developed an entire underground economy…
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January 29, 2015
Five Trends in Phone Fraud for 2015
At Pindrop, we’re always trying to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. That means not just tracking what they’ve been doing, but also making some predictions for the year ahead. In the spirit of the New Year, we’ve gathered five trends for the phone fraud threat landscape in 2015. The Chip-and-PIN / EMV Rollout…
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December 8, 2014
Why Can’t Call Center Representatives Stop Phone Fraud?
Call Center Representatives (CSRs) often have a bad reputation when it comes to fraud control. Many banks and financial institutions rely on CSRs as a first line of defense against phone fraud. CSRs are taught to use Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) questions to verify callers are who they say they are. In theory, they will…
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