Category: Phone Fraud

July 29, 2016
Judge Rules Political Robocalls Are Legal
A federal judge has ruled that robocalls made on behalf of political candidates are protected by the First Amendment and cannot be outlawed. The decision came in a case in Arkansas, where political robocalls had been illegal for more than 30 years. On Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Leon Holmes ruled that banning political robocalls amounts to…
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July 27, 2016
Google Listing, Political Scams Top Phone Fraud Threats
Nearly 20 percent of all phone fraud calls hitting consumers and businesses this year are part of the fake Google listing scam, more than twice as many as the eight percent that are loan scam calls, according to new data released by Pindrop Labs. The Google listing scam is a relatively new one, having appeared just…
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July 26, 2016
AT&T Will Head Up Anti-Robocall Task Force
Spurred by a directive from the FCC last week, AT&T will head up a new anti-robocall task force that will work to develop tools and technology to help users and carriers block robocalls. The chairman of the FCC sent a letter to all of the major wireless and wireline carriers last week instructing them to…
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July 22, 2016
FCC Pressures Carriers to Block Robocalls
The FCC is putting new pressure on both wireless carriers and traditional phone companies to give customers technology to block unwanted robocalls. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has told the carriers that they need to give their customers the option to block robocalls, which have become the largest source of complaints that the commission receives. The FCC…
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July 19, 2016
$4 Million in Restitution Going to Victims of Auto Warranty Phone Scam
More than five years after reaching a settlement with a notorious telemarketer behind several robocall schemes, the FTC has begun refunding the more than $4 million that the government says the man duped victims into paying for non-existent extended auto warranties. The payments to the nearly 6,000 consumers who lost money in the scam are the…
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July 18, 2016
Making Money by Abusing Phone-Based Two-Step Verification
A security researcher has discovered a method that would have enabled fraudsters to steal thousands of dollars from Facebook, Microsoft, and Google by linking premium-rate numbers to various accounts as part of the two-step verification process. Arne Swinnen discovered the issue several months ago after looking at the way that several of these companies’s services…
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June 24, 2016
Seven Jailed in Massive Phone Fraud Scam
Authorities in the U.K. have sentenced seven people to prison for their part in running a wide-ranging phone fraud scam that cost victims more than £1.3 million over the course of several years. The scheme that the gang ran is a common and highly successful one that involves making calls to potential victims and telling them that…
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June 16, 2016
FTC Shuts Down Fake Charity Phone Scam
Phone fraud comes in many forms, as most crimes do, and it’s not always obvious that a particular version is actually a crime. The FTC has just shut down a company that was running a specific kind of phone fraud scam that involved pressuring victims to make donations to a fake charity for disabled people…
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May 25, 2016
Treasury Arrests Five For Alleged IRS Phone Scam
The Treasury Department has arrested five people who they say were running a phone scam that involved them impersonating IRS agents and threatening to arrest victims for not paying imaginary back taxes. The arrests are part of the federal government’s increased focus on phone fraud scams, especially those that involve criminals pretending to be IRS…
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May 25, 2016
Phone Fraud Scam Targets College Students For ‘Federal Student Tax’
The Federal Trade Commission is warning about a new variant on phone fraud scams that attempts to bully college students into paying a non-existent student tax. The scam is similar to many of the IRS phone scams that have been ongoing for several years, but with the novelty of pressuring students who likely are much…
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