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Category: Consumer Fraud

February 12, 2016
February 12 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, experts predict the future of fraud detection and fraudsters re-target victims. Americans lose an estimated $50 billion a year to con artists around the world. The Atlantic interviewed leading fraud researchers to get ideas about how technology can be put to work to fight fraud wherever it occurs—in person, online,…
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February 7, 2016
Phone Scam Breakdown: The Healthcare Scam
The first step in protecting against phone scams is understanding how they work. That’s why in this series, we’re breaking down some of the newest and most popular phone scams circulating among businesses and consumers. The Scam It’s a chilly January day. You’ve been busy hitting the ground running on your New Years resolutions, getting…
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February 5, 2016
February 5 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, new chip cards lead to new fraud, and NPR breaks down the “work from home” phone scam. This week NPR’s Planet Money featured a story on a popular phone scam that claims to help victims set up an online business and work from home. This scam illustrates the social engineering…
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January 29, 2016
January 29 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, Pindrop raises $75M in funding and the future of voice fraud On Thursday, Pindrop announced a $75 million Series C funding round led by Google Capital with participation from GV, Andreessen Horowitz, IVP, Citi Ventures, and Felicis Ventures. “As voice commands become the standard across intelligent assistants, cars, and the…
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January 22, 2016
January 22 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, using the phone to hack a power plant and Jamaica’s violent lottery phone scam gangs. On Wednesday, Wired broke down what we know about the recent Ukrainian power plant hack. The attack used malware to cause a power outage, and then used a telephony denial of service attack (TDoS) to…
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January 15, 2016
January 15 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, Brian Krebs reports on the innerworkings of a fraud call center, and swatters use new robocall tactics. On Monday, Brian Krebs published a new report on the call centers used by cybercriminals to complete phone based portions of scams. These call centers allow customers to upload information about their targets…
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January 8, 2016
January 8 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, Pindrop on scams to avoid in 2016, and warranty fraud hits Fitbit. On Tuesday, Consumer Reports spoke to Pindrop’s director of research, David Dewey about new phone scams to look out for in 2016. Pindrop researchers predicted an uptick in government impersonation scams, campaign contribution scams, and more in the…
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December 18, 2015
December 18 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, the anatomy of a phone fraud scam and a new report on call center fraud. On Thursday, On The Wire reported on a bank impersonation phone scam. Fraudsters pose as fraud investigators from a the victim’s bank, asking them to transfer money to a “safe” account. The criminals spoof the…
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December 11, 2015
December 11 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, consequences of the VTech breach and UK fraudsters convicted for £600,000 phone scam This week, the Associated Press spoke to Pindrop’s David Dewey to learn about possible consequences of the recent data breach at toy company VTech. Dewey detailed the ways fraudsters build profiles of potential victims by collecting small…
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December 9, 2015
What’s Next in Phone Fraud: 2016 Trends & Predictions from Pindrop Labs
It’s that time of year again. We’ve asked Pindrop Labs researchers to break out their crystal balls and make some predictions for the coming year in phone fraud. Below are a few of the trends that our team will be watching for in 2016. Scammers Hit the Campaign Trail 2016 is an election year, which…
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