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May 23, 2016
FBI Wants Biometric Database Hidden From Privacy Act
The FBI is working to keep information contained in a key biometric database private and unavailable, even to people whose information is contained in the records. The database is known as the Next Generation Identification System, and it is an amalgamation of biometric records accumulated from people who have been through one of a number…
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May 17, 2016
Senator Asks FTC to Examine Issues With Chip Card Rollout
A Senator from Illinois is asking the Federal Trade Commission to look into problems and delays in the process for certifying chip-card payment software systems and whether the group of six global payment networks that controls the process is causing those delays intentionally for financial reasons. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) sent a letter to Edith…
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May 13, 2016
SWIFT Warns of New Bank Attack Targeting PDF Software
Attackers have successfully compromised another bank using the SWIFT messaging system for money transfers, and deployed malware that used an exploit for a vulnerability in PDF software. The attack was a multi-stage effort and officials at SWIFT (Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunications) say that the attackers have a deep understanding of bank networks and…
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May 13, 2016
EFF Releases CertBot Client for Let’s Encrypt CA
The EFF has released a new client, called CertBot, to help site owners quickly obtain HTTPS certificates from the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority, making it even simpler to offer encrypted connections for users. Let’s Encrypt is an initiative started by the EFF and many other sponsors to deploy encrypted connections in as many places as…
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May 12, 2016
Walmart Sues Visa Over Chip-and-PIN Security
In what may be a sign of things to come, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has filed a lawsuit against Visa USA over the payment card brand’s refusal to allow consumers to use PINs, rather than signatures, to verify their identities during transactions with chip cards. The suit, filed this week in New York State…
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May 4, 2016
As Chip-and-PIN Emerges, Attackers Favor Credential Theft and Online Fraud
The move to chip-and-PIN technology in the United States last year was supposed to be a security win, making in-store transactions more reliable and resistant to fraud. But the adoption rate for the technology hasn’t been as high as expected, and experts and analysts say that criminals are simply shifting their focus to other tactics such…
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May 3, 2016
Researchers Find Serious Flaws in Samsung SmartThings Platform
Researchers at the University of Michigan have identified a set of vulnerabilities in Samsung’s SmartThings platform that allowed them to remotely unlock doors, set off smoke alarms, and perform other unwanted actions through the use of overprivileged apps. SmartThings is a platform designed to support the use of a variety of connected devices in a…
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May 2, 2016
Serious Flaw Allows Takeover of FreedomPop Mobile Phone Accounts
Attackers are always looking for new ways to get access to users’ bank accounts and mobile devices, but sometimes the old ways are best. A researcher has discovered a serious security flaw in mobile provider FreedomPop’s site that allow an attacker to take complete control of a victim’s mobile account. Paul Moore, a security researcher and consultant in…
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April 29, 2016
Researchers Find Private Slack Tokens Posted on GitHub
Developers building bots for Slack are including their personal access tokens in code posted on GitHub, researchers have found, a problem that could give anyone who finds the tokens access to internal Slack conversations and files. Slack is a team communications app used in many organizations to share information, files, and other data. Developers can…
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April 28, 2016
Office 365 Bug Could’ve Allowed Attackers to Login to Virtually Any Account
Security researchers in January discovered a critical vulnerability in the SAML implementation in Microsoft’s Office 365 service that could allow an attacker to log in to a victim’s account and gain full access to email, contacts, and other sensitive data. The vulnerability was present in Office 365 for an unknown amount of time, and there…
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